Handicapping Criteria

How Are New Members Handicapped
New members to BWGC can gain handicaps with the club via 2 routes.

  1. New Members with accepted handicaps (Londoners, British Club or CONGU certificate & have played one qualifying game in previous 6 months)
    Must play one game with the BWGC, during which they are only eligible for technical prizes.
    They are then given a BWGC handicap, and may take full part in subsequent BWGC events (providing special eligiblity criteria are met for certain events eg. Majors).
  2. New Members without a CONGU handicap.
    Must play 3 strokeplay rounds where BWGC qualification criteria must be met.
    o    Women 109 strokes (average – played over 3 handicap strokeplay rounds)
    o    Men 103 strokes (average – played over 3 handicap strokeplay rounds)
    A Provisional BWGC handicap is awarded for the subsequent 3 rounds, during which time the handicap maybe altered at the discretion of the Handicap Secretary.
    4th game:  Member may not win Overall prize but is eligible for Flight prizes.
    5th game:  Member is eligible for all prizes (unless ineligible due to special criteria not being met eg. Majors).