Masters Qualifiers

The Masters tournament is at Lotus Valley on Sunday March 20th 11:30.

Qualifications: Past winners, overall and flight winners since 17th March 2019

plus current BWGC handicap at day of the event.

Check below to see if you have qualified for this major.

Last qualifying event is  Stableford Sunday 8th  March at Lam Lukka CD.

Qualifiers from events since March 17th 2019
Andrew Brown
Angus Turkington
Augusto Romei
Bill Campbell
Brad Sobel
Colin Hodgkinson
David Burton
David Morton
Dietmar Lammers
Don Levin
Frank Fawkes
Gene Connor
Gordon Milne
Howard Leigh
Ian Lavin
John Bell
Jono Tait
Julien Raybaud-Gines
Karen Holloway
Ken Kane
Manjula Ellepola
Mark Adderley
Mark Jayasinghe
Martin Brierley
Martin Weber
Mon Hofer
Moya-Jayne Harris
Nick Toon
No Heetae
Nun Weerachatte
Paul Badenoch-Jones
Paul Wyatt
Pawana Phatanavech
Peter Clark
Peter Lucas
Rick Woodham
Rikki Ferguson
Robyn Tait
Rod Hofer
Shaun Pethick
Shawn Mathavorn
Tae Yonghoon
Terry Davies
Tom Pao-In
Tony Everett
Previous Masters Champions
Off Suksai
Alain Blanquart
Orachat Leppek
Bryan Dodd
Mal Harris