Matchplay 2016

Open to:
Men, Ladies and Mixed Pairs for The BWGC Matchplay Championship
First come first served policy – limited places! 16 pairs 32 players

Mulligan’s Plate – Singles Event
This event is open to individuals who are knocked out of the first round of the Matchplay Championship AND to people who would prefer to play singles Matchplay.

The winning pair will:
• Gain automatic qualification to The Masters event
• Trophies presented to the winning pair
• Trophy presented to the winning individual of the Mulligan Plate

Important Dates:
The draw will be made at the February medal event and all players will be informed by email of key dates and first round draw details.

Rounds to be played:
1st Round: 27 May 2016
2nd Round: 6 August 2016
Semi Final: 3 October 2016
Final: 27 November 2016

Please make sure you read the FAQ below before your match.

How is the event structured?
The tournament has been split into two competitions: pairs for the main tournament, and singles for the Mulligan Plate. In both competitions, all players must have a current BWGC handicap and must remain current throughout the competition

How do timings for the event work?
Pairs will play knockout rounds. A deadline date will be set for each knock out round and matches MUST be completed by this date, otherwise teams will be liable for disqualification.

Where are the matches played?
Matches are played by agreement between both players and individuals to choose an agreed course. BWGC will endeavour to provide some tee times at Vintage on the last Sunday of each month. The default position for this competition is that matches are assumed to be played at Vintage unless both pairs come to an arrangement to play at another course. You can, of course, play your match at any time if you prefer.

How are the green fees handled?
Green fees are paid by all players

How are the matches arranged?
Each pair/single receives notification of its forthcoming match by email with each team/individual being drawn. Contact details will be provided on the email and it is up to the pairs to make their own arrangements.

What happens if I can’t complete the match within the deadline?
The Tournament Convener has the right to disqualify any teams who fail to complete their match by the deadline date. Players should consult the Tournament Convener if they have a problem. The Committee may, in their absolute discretion, grant extensions to play matches. However, if the match has not been played by the end of the extension period (if any), the Tournament Convener has the right to disqualify both teams/individuals or, at the option of both teams/individuals (who must agree to this), the Tournament Convener may decide the match on the toss of a coin.

How are the handicap strokes worked out?
For Pairs: Players receive 90% of the difference between their handicap and that of the lowest handicap player in the four-ball. As stipulated by CONGU
For Singles: The player with the highest handicap receives 100% difference of strokes between his handicap and that of his opponent. As stipulated by CONGU.

Can I use a buggy?
A buggy can be used.

Can I use a GPS system or a range finder?
During matches players may use devices that gauge or measure distance only. R&A Rule 14-3 which can be found on the BWGC web site under local rules.

Can I change my playing partner?
No, changes cannot can be made to a team’s players once their first match has been played. Any changes prior to this must be sanctioned by the Tournament Convener.

Who informs the Organisers of the match results?
Once a match has been played, the winners are responsible for informing the Tournament Convener of the result. Results should be emailed to the Tournament Convener as soon as possible after the match is completed. The email address will be on the introduction letter you receive on your confirmed entry to the competition.

What happens if we have to cancel an arrangement to play a match?
Where an arrangement to play a match is cancelled within 48 hours, the opponent(s) may claim the match.

Do we have to play at the nominated course?
No, it should be by mutual agreement between the two teams/individuals. The assumption is that all matches will be played at Vintage unless players agree to play at a different course.

Which tees are the matches played from?
Whenever possible, matches should be played from the medal tees. However, in the event that this is not possible, matches should be played from the tees of the day ie. white tees for men and reds for ladies. Different tees can be used by mutual agreement between the two teams/individuals.

What happens if the match remains all square after 18 holes?
The match will go into extra holes starting at the 1st, with handicap strokes being taken in accordance with the stroke index on the card. In the event that a match ends up all square ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ after the stipulated 18 holes, then the following options for deciding the winner of squared matches should be used. Note that the players must decide before the match‭which option‬will be used to decide the winner if the match is squared:
a. Play extra hole(s) if course permits
b. Play another game, if it can be arranged within the time frame for the round.
c. Play 9 holes on the putting green, with honours to start decided by a coin toss. Play on the‭putting green to proceed according to the rules of golf.
‬‬‬‬‬ d. Coin toss to decide winner.

Note on Disqualification
Where players fail to comply with Rules of the Tournament or if teams/individuals are found not to meet the entry criteria, they may be disqualified from the event. The Committee’s decision shall be final and binding in all matters relating to the running of the Tournament.

What happens if we have to abandon the match due to fading light?
If, by mutual consent, the match has to be abandoned during extra holes due to fading light or unfit course conditions, the match shall be continued as soon as possible over 18 holes. If a match has to be abandoned during play of the original 18 holes, the players shall resume from the point where the match was abandoned, in accordance with The Rules of Golf.

How are disputes settled?
If agreement cannot be reached between two teams, the Tournament Convener should be consulted and his decision shall be final.

Helpful Hints:
If you’re struggling to get in touch with a pair and we have no more contact numbers, try the Tournament Convener
Do check your opponents’ handicaps BEFORE you play. These are posted on the website
Email your results where possible.
Don’t wait for your opponents to contact you. Take action and try to contact them. The sooner you all make contact the better.
Wherever possible, use e-mail rather than telephone for contacting the Tournament Convener.

Tournament Convener Contact Details
Mike Foster (T) 061 395 0002